Trailed Sprayers

Trailed Sprayer CERES

Standard equipment4000 L
TankIn high density polyethylene (HDPE) with wider breakwater, 4.400 litres (4.000 litres + 10%).
Level GaugeDry visible gauble, visible from cabin and working position.
Rinsisng tankIndependent. In polyethylene HDPE (400 litres). Include level gauge.
Product mix tankMultifunction, with parallelogram of self-abatement. Automatic blocking.
VARIOTRON systemIntuitive, ergonomic and simple.
Controls and tank openingSituate to the left of the sprayer.
3 suspension systemIn shaft (pneumatic); in towbar (adaptable to the degree of weight); in booms (oleohidráulica)
SuspensionIn shaft (pneumatic); in towbar (adaptable to the degree of weight); in booms (oleohidráulica).
ElevatorParallelogram with suspension. Working height 500 - 1.200 mm.
DUAL PRESSDouble presurization: work pressure and auxiliary services pressure.
Front tankPrepared for auxiliary front tank inclusion.
DrainageAsisted by pump.
FrameReinforcer steel structure , with Polymerized hot polyester paint. With anti-slip surface.
Prepared for working with liquid fertilized of a médium density.
Adjustable wheel track width 1.600-2.200mm.
Ring hitch linkage.
Pump of 240 lts/min. Max. Pressure 20 bar.
Computer control 7 section, with flow gauge.
Booms of 24 mts, vertical folding model i7-S with Sensor Line, automatic balance type pendular and EAYSY-LEVEL
Booms include lateral damping system on the wings.

New concepts
The trailed sprayer of 4.000 litres with the lowest center of gravity
Exceptional clearing
Improved stability, even with turning articulated Towbar
3 suspension system and booms of 24 mts
4000 L
Length (mm)6150
Width (mm)2400
Height (mm)3400
Weight (kg)2600 (7000 *)
* In load


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