Linkage Sprayers

Linkage Sprayer EURO COMPAC

Standard equipment1300 L1600 L2000 L
FrameReinforced steelReinforced steelReinforced steel
CoverAnticorrosion paintingAnticorrosion paintingAnticorrosion painting
Robot cleanerYesYesYes
Hand whasing tankYesYesYes
Rinsisng tankYesYesYes
Pump (low pressure)Diaphragm - 171 lpmDiaphragm - 171 lpmDiaphragm - 171 lpm
ComputerKronos 5 sectionsKronos 5 sectionsKronos 5 sections
GPS guide systemYesYesYes
Tank opening filterYesYesYes
Suction filter with safety valveYesYesYes
DrainageAsisted by pumpAsisted by pumpAsisted by pump
Control VARIOTRONYesYesYes
Step for access of tank opepiningYesYesYes
Linkage to 3 points of the tractorISO 730 cat.ISO 730 cat.ISO 730 cat.
Pressure guageInox. of glicerine d. 100 mmInox. de glicerina d. 100 mmInox. de glicerina d. 100 mm
Product mix tank40 l40 l40 l
PTO shaftYesYesYes
External cleansing kitYesYesYes
Road light kitYesYesYes
Anti-pollution hydro-injectorYesYesYes
BoomsHydraulics, vertical folding, steel or aluminium according to model
Dimensions12-14-16-16-18 m (i5S); 18-21-24 m (i7S)
Sections5-7 (i5S); 7 ( i7S 18-21 m); 9 (i7S 24m)
Automatic pendular balance correctionSupported by bearings
Protection at boom endsFront- back
Blockage & anti-gapi7S model as standard, easy level system; i5S model: optional
Variable geometryi7S model as standard
Functions Joysticki7S model: 10 functions as standard; i5S model: joystick optional
Elevator of boomVertical path 1,4 m; height of work 0,5-2 m
1300 L1600 L2000 L
Length (mm)1450* 1450* 1450*
Width (mm)238023802380
Height (mm)2700-3100** 2700-3100** 2700-3100**
* With booms i5S
** According to booms
Computer Bravo 180S 7 sections Kit
Computer Bravo 400S 5 sections Kit
Computer Bravo 400S 7 sections Kit
Automatic linkage kit
Pneumatic suspension kit
GPS guide system for bravo 180
Delivery & start up in Iberian peninsula
Galvanized frame kit


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